Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Just a quickie, these posters have sprung up all over newstreet station and i think they're brilliant! a worth wile message delivered in a slightly tongue in cheek manner. they remind me a little of the 'there's probably no god' posters that were on london buses a while back. They are there courtesy of a charity called stonewall who i had never heard of until today, you can find their website here.

i have a feeling i'll be wearing this on a tshirt in the near future.

Monday, 24 August 2009


These 'what i wore today' posts seem to be a staple of fashion blogs around the world and KILLKILLKILL will be no exception.

Now, i've always thought that people who wear 'fake' glasses without actually needing them are complete cunts. Using them as part of some dressing up fun is different, who can say no to a sexy secretary in a pair of smart rims, right? Wearing them out and about in day to day life is different though. I still feel the same way allthough i appear to have joined their ranks.

So here it is, this is me, not actually today but on Saturday.

Glasses £10 from sobeys oasis market birmingham.

Hat £10 from dogatees again in the oasis market birmingham.

Shorts are vintage and were a present from miss amy may of wolf-whistle fame.

Bum bag (or 'fanny pack' for my American cusions) was about a fiver from the acorns charity shop in boldmere.

I made the tshirt myself, the design is from the website of my very favorite Scandinavian laptop popsters touch me thermo. if you want a custom tee then visit my website.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


I've had this blog for some time now but trying to make the first entry has had me feeling like i'm stareing at a blank canvas, unsure where to make the first mark. Now seems as good a time as any to go for it. The purpose of this blog (aside from my self indulgent ramblings) is to document goings on i enjoyed/found interesting in the worlds of fashion, music and art. So what could be a better start than this amazing video for SebastiAns 'Walkman' by Monochrome Film which i think perfectly combines the three?

Director: Yenni Lee
Cinematography: Linn Elisabeth Silinger
Clothing: Tina H. by Baron von Bulldog
Model: Sina Gulbrandsen