Monday, 28 September 2009


Firstly, i'd like to apologise for my shameful lack of updates of late. A rather hectic workload has left me very little time for the important things in life, like updating this blog. Things have calmed down a little now allowing me time to present you with this literary masterpiece.

Now, most of the lads amongst you will know about the magic of the hair hat. For those of you that don't i will explain: you wake up in the morning your hair is a curly knotted mess and you don't want it to be like this. So, you take a woolly hat and wear it for a short while, usually the length of your journey to work/school/the pub will do. When you arrive at your destination hey presto! Straight styled hair like you just stepped out of the salon. Don't ask my why this works, it just does, okay!

Anyway, horror of horrors i left my hair hat on the train the other day. No problem i thought, i'll just go to primark and grab another Thinsulate beanie for £1. Unfortunately they had none, the only beanies they had were to disgusting for use even as a hair hat. Having failed to cut a long story short i shall just tell you that i bought this nifty Baker Boy for £3. Like it?

I should point out that this picture was taken in the curved mirror of a rather awesome occultist shop in oasis market.

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