Thursday, 10 September 2009


Technically not a 'what i wore today' as i'm way too chicken to wear this on the streets of Birmingham. I was actually too chicken to post it here until my fashion partner in crime the wonderful Miss Amy May from Wolf-Whistle said i should go for it. She tends to be right about most things so here it is.

I guess this look is ghetto youth with a twist of the feminine. To be honest i actually think i look pretty good. anyway, you want to know what i've got on?

Vogue tee available from my shop.

Jane Norman wet look leggings £2.99 from ebay.

Red cardigan £6 from Primark.

Sequined cap was a present from Amy @ Wolf-Whistle. Thanks Amy!

Bum Bag was another present from amy, i think she got it from a charity shop.

Nerd glasses are the ones i posted about before, from sobeys in the oasis market Birmingham.


  1. Thanks for the link loving, mister. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. You should wear it for realzzz. What shoes, though?!

  2. well, none of the shoes i own to be honest. i was thinking red air force one high tops?

    no worries on the link love. the fact i know you makes me look cool, innit! ;)

  3. I agree, looking dapper Round. Still got love for that Vogue tee.