Wednesday, 2 September 2009


My misspent youth had quite a varied soundtrack, everything from darkside drum & bass to britpop. I remember misspending a lot of my time listening to riot grrl bands like bratmobile and bikini kill, it would have been about this time i became aware of the sculpture 'Two fried eggs and a kebab' by Sarah Lucas.

Now, it's obviously supposed to represent lady parts and is probably making a feminist statement of some sort but i have no idea what it's supposed to be saying. I just always thought it was a great image and would probably make a mighty fine tshirt.

As if by some miracle i now find myself owning a tshirt shop so i can have whatever the hell i like on a tshirt! I made this with images i stole off the internet, just messed with the pallate so rather then the true colours all greens are a scale of one tone (think greyscale) etc. Anyways, hope you like it. This is now available to buy on my website.

Picture of myself taken by the lovely Vicky.


  1. Love this! You're a genius. When you gonna have more lookbook images so I can hype you up on Wolf Whistle? Can't wait for my tees! xx

  2. Your tees are looking hot! I haven't seen one I don't like yet...

  3. @amy - haha, i'm a genius like master shake is a genius. more lookbook pictures comeing soon. gonna need them for my webstore, innit. ;) yes, hype me till it hurts, please. your tees will be with you at some point next week. xx

    @harry - cheers mate! your tshirt will also be with you next week. any hype you want to throw my way would be much apreciated too. ;)