Saturday, 5 September 2009


Okay, i'm gonna start today by 'fessing up. This is a what i wore today post mascaraing as something more worthy. So, erm, this is what i wore today...

On seeing how i was planing to pose for this one Vicky helpfuly pointed out "Roundy, you're a twat." I think she could be right...

The cardigan was from primark about 3 years ago. Only £6 and i'm yet to find another that is as awesomely ill fitting as this. The jeans were an absolute bargain at £10 from H&M (£50 reduced to £20 then 2 for 1, BOOM!) The tshirt is of my own design.

It's hard to see on the other picture so i took a detail shot. The Elastica logo is actually swinging on a chain. Cool, no? If you want one then hit me up on my website.

Elastica were, in my opinion, the most worthy of all the mid 90's britpop bunch. Their female fronted guitar rock had more energy and was more darkly knowing than the rest put together. Their lead singer Justine Frishman had a generation of young girls both copying her pageboy haircut and hating her for shagging Damon Albarn, the lead singer of fellow britpop band Blur.

They released two studio albums; 1995's self titled and in 2001 The Menace. Why the big gap? Like any self respecting (or should that be self loathing?) 90's rockers they took the money for the first album and ran off to spend a few years smoking heroin and arguing amongst themselves.

And why Vaseline you ask? It's the name of a song.

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