Friday, 8 January 2010


I'm usually pretty slow when it comes to new models. Usually i'll go for months, sometimes even years not getting their look until one day they come out with a cover or editorial that blows my mind and has me looking back at all their previous work and deciding actually they're stunning and i love everything they've ever done.

Rosie Tupper may be the exception that proves the rule. Her thread on thefashionspot is less than 15 pages long which leads me to believe she's pretty new. As i said in my last post, i came across her in this months Uk Glamour and was blown away.

She already has an impressive body of work behind her including covers for Mexican & Australian Vogue and runway appearances for Diane Von Furstenberg & DKNY amongst others. Not bad when you're only 17.

I really do hope we're going to see even bigger and better things from this girl in the future. If you want to see her in print for yourself go out and buy this months Uk Glamour, it's worth the £2 cover price for her editorial alone. In the meantime check these links to find out more;

Her New York agency DNA Models
Her European agency Viva
Her page on
Her thread at thefashionspot
Her thread at Bellazon


Every season there's a piece or two that really get my attention. A couple of seasons ago it was Balenciaga's floral armour, before that Pradas collection of jewel coloured pieces. This season i think it's going to be this print dress from Gucci. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly that so resonates with this piece, i just love it.

I first noticed it in February's UK Glamour, modeled by the oh-so-lovely Rosie Tupper (More about her very soon).

Apology's for my rather crappy camera phone snap

It's also showed up in this months Elle.

Scanned by gossiping @ thefashionspot

Thefashionspot have a rather interesting thread called 'Stylists versions of the same look' i look forward to seeing it there in the near future.

Friday, 1 January 2010


Again, a combination of hectic workload and inexcusable laziness has meant that i haven't updated this thing in an age. I've never been one for new years resolutions but i have told myself that i'm going to update this blog at least once a week in 2010.

Remember a few posts back when i said this isn't going to be a blog about Lily Allen? Well, i was telling the truth. It just happens that the fashion/music/art related thing that interests me most right now is also lily allen related. I don't know why i'm making excuses, this is awesome as i'm sure you'll agree.

As you have no doubt gathered by now from the pictures i am of course talking about Lily Allens AMAZING shoot for Russian Harpers Bazaar. What can i say? The styling is fantastic, it's photographed well by Alan Gelati and to quote a post i read on thefashionspot Lily is "modeling her little popstar arse off" and i love it!

The shoot was originally posted on thefashionspot but for your convinience here are links to the scans and the shoot at